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The YeaBun English Bible (예쁜영어성경)

* "예쁜영어성경" 영어듣기는 CD의 용량관계로 수록하지 못한 부분을 올려 놓은 것입니다.
Native Speaker의 정확한 발음은 여러분에게 많은 도움을 드릴 것입니다. 항상 감사합니다.

  Isaac's wife, Rebekah    영어로 듣기
   Genesis Ch. 24

Abraham called his chief servant and said, "Isaac has reached the age where he is now ready to get married. Go to my country and bring back a bride for Isaac." The servant took 10 camels and left. He traveled far and through the desert. One evening, the servant was resting by a well. Just then a virgin came toward the well with a jar on her head. The servant prayed to God. 'Lord, if that virgin gives me water and also gives water to my camels, I shall think of her as the chosen wife for Isaac.' The servant asked the virgin, "Can I have some water?" The beautiful virgin sincerely gave him water. She also gave the camels water. The servant knew that the virgin was meant to be Isaac's wife. So he gave her gold earrings and a gold bracelet. The servant prayed a prayer of thanks to God for giving Isaac a wife. The virgin's name was Rebekah. The servant went to Rebekah's house with her. Her parents approved of her marriage to Isaac. Everyone was happy and a feast was held with lots of delicious food. The servant brought Rebekah back to Abraham's house. Isaac and Rebekah got married and loved each other and lived very happily.

  Delicious manna and water    영어로 듣기
   Exodus Ch. 15~16

The Israelites continued their journey to the land of Canaan. "They arrived at a place called 'Marah' but could not drink the water there because it was so bitter. God told Moses to put a piece of wood into the water. As soon as Moses did that, the water became sweet. However, they still had nothing to eat and so the Israelites started to complain to Moses. "Are you going to let us die like this?" Moses prayed to God and so God sent 'manna,' which looked like white snow. The people made bread with manna and it tasted like cookies made with honey.

  Moses' hands    영어로 듣기
   Exodus Ch. 17

One day, the Amalekites attacked the Israelites. Moses picked a young man called Joshua to lead the people and fight. And then Moses took his staff and went to the mountaintop. Finally, the fight between the Amalekites and the Israelites began. But whenever Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning and whenever he put them down, the Amalekites would be winning. Moses longed to keep his hands up but they soon started to hurt and so he put them down. So Aaron and Hur seated Moses on top of a rock and held his hands up. Due to this, Moses was able to keep his hands up till sunset and in the end, the Israelites won.

  The bronze snake    영어로 듣기
   Numbers Ch. 21

The Israelites could not enter the land of Canaan. They complained to Moses. "Why did you bring us here to die? We are sick of manna as well!" God sent a poisonous snake to the people because they did not know of repentance. All those who complained were bit by the snake and died. Only then did they beg for forgiveness. "Please, take away the snake." Moses prayed to God for the people. Thereupon God told him to make a bronze snake. Moses tied the bronze snake to a pole and told the people that whoever looked at it would live. "Yeah right. If you look at the bronze snake, you live? That's ridiculous." However, the people who did look at the bronze snake, lived.

  Brave Deborah    영어로 듣기
   Judges Ch. 4~5

Jabin, the king of Canaan, attacked the Israelites and made them suffer for 20 years. The Israelites eagerly prayed to God. Thereupon, a woman called 'Deborah' heard the word of God and sent for Barak, a brave soldier. "The Lord will help. Go out and fight." So, Deborah and Barak together led the army of Israel and fought. God strengthened the soldiers of Israel and so all of Jabin's soldiers ran away. The Israelites rejoiced and gave thanks to God. Afterwards, Deborah ruled the Israelites with God's word for a long time. Finally, peace was brought upon Israel.

  Young King Josiah    영어로 듣기
   2 Kings Ch. 22~23

Josiah became king when he was eight years old. He was very young and small. King Josiah always did many good things and eagerly served God. He also repaired God's temple, which was destroyed. One day, as the repair work was being done, a book was discovered. It was a precious book where the word of God was written in. King Josiah gathered everyone together. He read them God's word in detail. And a promise was made to live by the word of God until death.

  Esther becomes Queen    영어로 듣기

Many Israelites lived in the land of Persia. King Xerxes decided to pick a new Queen. Soon, the king's order spread throughout the nation. "Send all the beautiful virgins to the palace. The one who finds favor in my eyes will be appointed the new Queen." Among the Jews, there was a man called Mordecai. He had a cousin called Esther and took care of her as if she was his daughter. Mordecai took Esther to the palace. Esther took the advice of Mordecai and did not tell the people that she was a Jew. It was finally Esther's turn to go in front of the king. The king liked Esther more than any of the other girls for she was more beautiful and smarter. He appointed Esther as Queen and put a crown on her head. A big celebration was held and many nobles came to show respect to Queen Esther. One day, Mordecai overheard two of the king's subjects plotting a conspiracy against the king. Mordecai got this information to the king through Esther. Soon, the two servants were arrested and the conspiracy was brought to light. Mordecai saved the king's life. And this incident was put on record. There was a subject called Haman. He was closer to the king than any other subject. The king ordered everyone to bow down in front of Haman. However, Mordecai did not bow down to Haman. Mordecai only bowed down to God. Haman got angry. He knew that Mordecai was a Jew. 'I should kill all the Jews.' Haman went to King Xerxes and said, "The Jews do not follow your law. They must all be killed." The king did as Haman advised and ordered all the Jews to be killed. Mordecai sent Esther a letter. 'Esther, go to the king and save the Jews.' Esther was scared. This was because anyone who went to the king without his permission was sentenced to death. Mordecai sent Esther another letter. "This must be God's will that you became Queen at a time like this." Esther answered, "Tell all the Jews to fast and pray with me. I will go in front of the king." Queen Esther put on a beautiful robe and went into the inner court of the palace. The king's heart softened when he saw how beautiful Esther was. The king held out his hand and told Esther to come closer. "Queen Esther, I will give you whatever you ask for." Esther answered, "Please come to a banquet I have prepared for you and Haman." The king and Haman both went to the banquet. The king asked Esther once again, "Whatever you ask for, I will give you." Esther answered, "Come again to a banquet with Haman tomorrow night." The king said he would. Coming back from the Queen's banquet, Haman was in high spirits. But Mordecai was standing in front of the palace gate. Haman got angry because Mordecai did not bow down to him. However, he controlled his anger and went home. Haman boasted to his wife and friends. "Only I was invited to Queen Esther's banquet today. I am also invited tomorrow. But that Mordecai in front of the gate makes me angry." That night the king could not sleep. So he ordered a subject to read him the records of the palace. As he heard that Mordecai saved his life by turning over the two evil subjects, the king asked, "What reward did Mordecai receive?" "Nothing, sir." Just then, Haman came to see the king. The king asked Haman, "What is the best way to reward someone?" Haman thought that the king was going to reward him. So he proudly replied, "Put the king's robe on him, crown him, and let him ride the king's horse. And order a subject to go around the nation with him, declaring that the man is honored by the king." Thereupon, the king nodded in agreement. "Bring me a robe, crown and a horse. And do what you have said to Mordecai." Haman did as the king ordered and put a robe and crown on Mordecai and led him through the country on the king's horse. He shouted, "This is the man who the king honors!" Haman returned home angry and embarrassed. The king and Haman attended the second banquet held by Queen Esther. And again the king said, "I will give you whatever you ask for." Queen Esther replied, "Save my life and the lives of my people. We are all to be put to death." The king asked, "Who would do such a thing?" Esther then answered, "the person who is trying to murder my people is Haman." Haman started to tremble in fear. The king was very angry. He quickly ordered that Haman be put to death. Then, he appointed Mordecai in Haman's place as the highest-ranking subject. King Xerxes gave Mordecai a ring that meant the Jews were not to be killed. The Jews, who were fasting and praying, gave thanks to the wonderful grace of God.

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